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Do you feel overwhelmed? Have too many tiresome tasks on your plate that distract you from the important stuff?

Don’t worry! You are in good hands!

I am Aleksandra Badea and I am here to help you organize, streamline and automate the backend of your business so that you have more time to focus on growing and scaling.

A big part of daily workload can be automated or simplified and I am going to make it happen for you! My team and I will help you run your business like a pro!

Are you an ambitious, passionate person who works hard to achieve your goals? We would be thrilled to accompany you on your journey to success!

Aleksandra Badea Systems in Place OBM

I am a Certified OBM®️

I completed the International Association of Online Business Managers’ Certified OBM®️ Training Program.

My Story

I’ve always been well-organized, time efficient and liked bringing project ideas to successful fruition. I finished economic studies and later on found myself in the financial departments of two corporations. My education, skill set and personality helped me realize how much potential how much potential I have to help others make their business and lives more efficient.. That’s why I decided to help others win back their time.

Almost 2 years of remote work in an American startup confirmed that I can organize things efficiently and independently from my location. Further, being in touch with amazing professionals all over the globe helped me create a valuable portfolio of experience and skills.

That’s how Systems in Place was born, doing what I love - helping others organize their businesses and grow without overwhelm.

Core Values


Get to Know Me

Aleksandra Badea family
  • I am the mum of the cute baby girl who stole my heart at first sight and this gentleman on the left is my husband.

  • I love spreadsheets!

  • I don’t like drinking coffee but I adore the smell of fresh coffee beans.

  • I love travelling (like, really love it!). Time spent on the road (car, plane, etc.) makes me relaxed and gives me the opportunity think deeply. Airports are perfect places for me as well.

  • I watched a horror movie once… And I won’t do that again.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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