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Ready to take some weight off your shoulders and earn back your time?


You feel overwhelmed and burnt-out.

You are tired of managing your team and keeping an eye on the progress, which results in balls being dropped and no time for strategic actions that grow your business.

You are caught up in day-to-day operations.

You are the bottleneck for your team and you have a lot of tasks pending on you.

You have no systems and processes in place and every time you need to reinvent the wheel. The thought of you taking some time off makes you feel worried about your business.

You have a lot of new ideas but you are not able to break them down into smaller, manageable action steps.


You had space to focus on strategic activities that grow & scale your business.

You had someone who ensures the correct tasks are assigned and that the team is completing what needs to get done.

Your day-to-day operations were taken care of.

Your team knew what they needed to do and how because you have efficient and effective processes in place.

You knew you could take a few days off and your business would operate smoothly.

You had a clear 90-day plan, including priorities and manageable action steps and you didn’t need to think about where to start.

You knew that you have a business partner you could trust and that your business was in good hands.

Hey There,

I’m Aleksandra and I'm here to take your stress away!!

If you are looking for a strategic business partner, you are at the right spot! As a Certified OBM®️, I help companies and business owners organize, streamline and automate the backend of their business so that they have more time to focus on growing, scaling, and making an impact.

My team and I are ready to support you along your journey by providing online business management and virtual assistance services.

Sounds good? Let’s do this together!

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Online Business Management Systems in Place


As a Systems & Operations expert, I step into your business, create a clear roadmap to implement your vision, streamline the backend of the business and make sure that the right things get done. This way, you can focus on your clients, the big picture and scaling!

Virtual Assistance Systems in Place


Do you have repetitive tasks that need to be done? Do you want to delegate work you don’t like to do? From administrative tasks to marketing and tech assistance, let's uplevel your business by utilising the power of outsourcing.


Iwo Szapar

CEO and Co-Founder


"I've never worked with such a self-organized, and goal-oriented person in my career!"

If you want to work with a person you can trust and that gets stuff done, Aleksandra is your go-to person. She is not afraid of any project, as, through the 2 years when we worked together, she drove our success on the operations, finance, as well as sales-side of the business. I need to admit that I've never worked with such a self-organized, and goal-oriented person in my career! On the sales front, her work was one of the key drivers of our revenue growth in 2020, where she has been managing our LinkedIn campaigns, as well as email marketing. On the operations side, Aleksandra was responsible for finance and customer success activities, where she dealt both with clients, as well as with our contractors. On top of everything, she is a great person, who smiles a lot and spreads positives vibes! It's been an honor working with her these past two years!!

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